i'm on episode 7 and the drama doesn't even get to the point of the real issue or problem episode 1 premises. Luv romance Jun 15 2020 6:05 pm couldn't agree more with the writer kim eun sook when she decided to choose her (again). It was as if the writer just put whatever she wanted to the story. RV May 07 2019 3:14 pm I lobe Oppa Lee Min Ho. Looking forward towards the next episode:). please Yoon Eun Hye female lead, Nick May 12 2019 5:59 am Hinachan May 08 2019 12:39 am if the writer want to assume that the bully boy is the yoyo boy when adult so what is the real correlation making him bullying people and it does not make sense at all.. on my opinion, the yoyo boy and the bully boy must not realated at all because its just can misunderstood viewer. Their love is strong though, and it carries them through an incredibly difficult journey. SPOILERS. With Lee Min-Ho, Kim Go-eun, Woo Do-Hwan, Kim Kyung-Nam. But I would like to take a moment and talk about Woo Do Hwan, what a talent. LMH might appear to be stoic in this drama but his subtle expressions and his overall aura just fits the role of a king. And I also prefer it because it has my favorite actors, Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. Just a few words of advice? idk why the ratings r so low but it’s actually very intriguing. About yoyo boy ~ He was asked "who are you? And Lee Min Ho - his potential was realised only somewhere near the end of the show, but before I was bored looking at his numb face and idle poses they've been practicing a lot. I love Kim Eun Sook, she is so romantic and accurate! Very bad habit in Korea. What a great storyline and everyone is so good expressing emotions and portraying their characters. Who wrote this? (By the way, doesn't Lee Min-ho look slimmer since his military venture? Always, always interesting! [CDATA[ What would the different versions of the obelisks shown at the title opening represents? If there’s only one good to come out of this show, it’s cinematography. That would be nice if they have a Part 2 and I would want to see them become King and Queen of Corea. The lead's chemistry is excellent. Cause now you know he is the real king from another dimensions? Shairli Sep 20 2019 9:55 pm complicated story lines. This thread is archived. i also like the idea of parallel universes i haven't really seen a lot of this in Korean dramas. Everyone remembers the first time they were kissed by a kdrama! if then, how does he just go back to his own body as an adult? If you are asking why she smiles and looks happy when her husband died then this is my 2 cents... She has a small kid to take care of, a brother-in-law in a wheelchair totally not able to take care of himself... we are talking 24/7 care here, and a drunk husband. someone passes over the portal. That has been my best movie whatsoever. i wish the director and writer like to casually open Asianwiki and read the comment behind, but i think its not. I dont care about Netflix tops. Change ). I think this drama maybe a puzzle? You can see the wind because her hair was blowing. , Pingback: Korean Drama Update for June 2020 | Kdrama Kisses. Don’t be so quick to judge base on the two or four episode you’ve seen. William Shakespeare’s famed Henriad plays, loosely based on events that took place during the 15th century, span from Richard II to Henry IV, Parts 1 and II, and Henry V. The plays chronicle the rise of the Lancaster branch of England’s House of Plantagenet in the 15th century, with a focus on politics and diplomacy, war and betrayal. He killed his doppelganger. She is so beautiful and oozing with elegance.I would really love to see her happy ever after in this series. Every episode is getting better and better. Anjali May 10 2020 1:34 am sd0131 Apr 26 2020 3:19 am That final scene on ep1... I know more extra ordinary drama will come but TKEM will always be special to my Heart. I ship them real life but their roles didn’t give that romantic vibes either. Lee lim goes back and advices young Lee lim to kill the prince first. The woman (Song Jeong-Hye) smiles as she looks happy her husband died. She started dating him when she found out he's king because she found out he wasn't crazy all along and you'll notice she starts to trust him 100% after that. In 2020!? Can’t wait for next episode. One thing for sure that I know everyone is annoyed about is the amount of PPL. When it comes to lee min ho and kim go eun every body suddenly becomes a critic. I want Lee Lim to kill more people because I want to see more action going on. Just watch it. This drama made me trill their action the way they capture the culprits so amazing the director and writer and the staff I salute u guys.. makes me sad ? I can see the future lol. bring a strong title for the drama. I feel each pain and joy and love of Lee Gon and Tae Eul. I dont like its genre, and this drama seems to be booming just like goblin and dots. I am get excited over and over for each episode. For me, the star was Woo Do-Hwan, his acting out of his two parts showed great flexibility and craft. I cannot imagine LMH will leave his Universe to live with her, nor the other way. I was indeed surprised by his switching of dialects and was really amazed at his portraying of entirely different characters. Why overused jokes like in other kdramas (they were better executed everywhere else but ktem). Cannot wait for LEE GON!!! Lee Min Ho plays the emperor of Korea, Lee Gon. The drama was sooo great! Kimsamsoom. Eve May 16 2020 4:45 am I wish they'd just cut down the amount of these parts because I feel like all the great potential the characters and the story has is being sacrificed for those scenes. The King: Eternal Monarch Episode 13; Deoking: Yeongwonui Gunju Episode 13; The King: Forever Sovereign Episode 13; The King: Permanent Monarch Episode 13; The King: Forever the Monarch Episode 13; The King: Monarch of Eternity Episode 13; The King Episode 13; Deo King: Youngwonui Gunjoo Episode 13; The King: The Eternal Monarch Episode I love Lee Min Ho and Go Eun are great actors. KIara Sep 16 2019 2:36 am Mira Jun 06 2020 3:26 pm Although confusing in the first 3 episodes, episode 4 has really proven to me that I should keep watching and supporting this drama. So don't compare with that but with the one with same genres.... Ki Ki Apr 27 2020 6:03 am It didnt captivate me at all. At the same time, the drama constantly clung onto safety and refused to let anyone important die. This is the only difference between the production of The King and Goblin or Mr. Sunshine. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") myxblush May 07 2019 9:54 pm She's scare but she didn't drop and let them take her without a fight. One of the best drama ilove how the characters played by all of the actors and actresses mainly the main characters so exciting to watch and a promising episode you might get confused from the beginning but ask you follow each episode you will definitely hook on it ?? I really don't like Knet prespective who recommend actress who always suit to stand with male lead without caring about how she can be acting. Both worlds are still in the same year but different capital city, different emperor, different government and all. And the pairing with LMH is really something new to look up to. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I don’t like TKEM but I expected it to be better. Isabella May 10 2020 12:35 pm Great Kdrama I swear!!! The King: Eternal Monarch is a highly anticipated drama from last year. I love that the show’s addictive sci-fi/fantasy story as much as the romance. Sunny x Jun 03 2019 5:45 pm Woo do hwan was the only saving grace. I liked this drama better than Goblin, but I think it never reached the glory of Mr. Sunshine. Though I’m still not used to the whole “same world, different dimensions” thing, it’s relatively an intriguing story line. Kim Go Eun......Fighttttingggggg ????? As we noticed, DOTS has a fast-paced direction, while Goblin and Mr. Sunshine have more deep and slow-paced direction. My question is who's going to play The Devil? I watched the first ep and 1st, the direction is not even close compared to the descendants of the sun thinking they have the same director. jessica May 24 2020 8:40 pm Why all these repeating dialogues of characters? show and don't tell. I got goosebump and also WDH who always makes me laugh with his double role Luna or Tae-Eul? Sae ro yi May 08 2020 7:40 pm Season 1 Trailer 2: The King: Eternal Monarch . My only complaint this week was that Kim Go Eun character did not get to stay in the kings world long enough!!!!! 5) This drama will make you think and use your brain! yana May 27 2020 10:49 pm Ggone May 16 2020 7:35 pm I love all the characters.Each of them portrayed well in their respective roles. Funny, handsome and very talented. no clips of subtle interactions that led to her falling in love with him? everything was so perfect in it. This drama hooks you in the beginning, gets slow a little in the middle, but the story does eventually come full circle. Korean fan May 23 2020 2:31 am the adult king was living while the young king was there too? The great questions from this great series so far. It’s not in-your-face, annoying/cringe-y “cuteness” like many romcoms, but a subtle & sweet chemistry with natural progression. indeed theyre still in the beginning of their relationship, but its unstable and extremely uncertain. Gosh. I was so right... Lee min ho always has chemistry with whoever he acts with. I makes me fall in love. No matter how famous they are, they do get hurt. ????? However, the plot, as well as the ending, made fans furious some going as far to crown it the worst kdrama they have seen in recent years. Hmmmmmmm.... Luv Romance Apr 27 2020 8:12 pm ( Log Out /  It is not available in my Netflix :(. From the story I can fill how strong their love even separated between pararrel world. If you need more proof of Tae-Eul's fate, rewatch the order of things in the last episode. 1. The love of the king and the lieutenant is so real. Omo that ep12 kiss and their chemistry in whole is sooo good, Kim go eun u are so beautiful, even in very casual boyish dress u look so awesome....for haters She will wear what the production has decided not by her self, most importantly she is unlike other kdrama girl who try to look cute or being sexy wearing costly dress... Luna May 23 2020 5:58 am Done watching Episodes 9 & 10. I didn't understood a bit it was so confusing the last episode was full of confusions, I am highly disappointed I was following every episode but at the end I didn't understood anything. I absolutely love the show and the actors playing double part!!! Can't wait for next episode:(:( Can’t wait for this one... only reason is WDH!!! And most of us refused to read it. Marian May 26 2020 11:16 am If the show was good enough, it wouldnt matter, even tho there were too much of ads and it was too direct that I couldnt help but cringe. I'm kind of tired of it. two ep left and i cant waitt. I love the dark side of the drama❤️❤️!! The amount of foreshadowing points it out. However, I find some scenes are kinda absurd, like how LG found JTE after she was abducted. I love Kim Go-Eun, she's my favourite k-actress and I check diligently for her upcoming dramas. The editing was crap and so inhorent. Lee min ho can't wait for this drama, I love lee min ho Oct 01 2019 2:15 pm Not your typical Kdrama. It is good. A high school Themed drama can do much better editing and directing. Twist. Unpredictable characters and episodes something you will always look forward every time. ;), Platonic Heart May 08 2019 1:14 am She has just finished movie shooting 'Long Live the King' with Kim Rae-Won. Suri May 17 2020 11:23 pm As we know, Goblin is one of the most popular Korean dramas in 2017. because from the first two episodes all of the supporting cast actings and the story itself haven’t blend one another. CANT WAITTTTT FOR THISSSSS, willruadh Nov 30 2019 2:08 pm Kim Eun-Sook has proved that she's always good at choosing male and female leads for her dramas. Yes i'm sure lee gon would never know tae ul but it's his destiny to fall in love with tae ul in the different universe. They both had an equal chance to change events that night but things still didn't turn out the way they wanted. ♥️ Recommended to watch. Tiffany Sep 04 2020 11:21 pm There's almost an infinite amount of good k-dramas, but this certainly ain't it. ?. Muggle Apr 26 2020 10:51 pm It’s been used throughout stories so much because of how much a romantic and thought provoking idea it is along with some big stakes. Silly. can’t waittt. Everything feels forced (even the comedy part). It's not force-feeding neither is it delaying the good stuff. Woo Do Hwan - Tempted, Mad Dog & Save Me, They are really work watching because they make you really into the drama with their skilful acting. The angles are beautifully and expressively captured on slow parts at the same time, there are smooth and sharp action on its fast parts. you cant call, text or write a letter for your love, you can only waiting patiently and trust your partner. But rewatching? ss Jun 21 2020 5:59 pm Marizze Apr 24 2020 5:38 pm I highly recommended to watch the King of Eternal Monarch, he never disappoint his/her viewer every time he doing a drama. As far as the ending I would have liked them to be a couple in the same "world" living together. for all the cast team good luck, i wish to see this drama more better and perfect in the future & untill the end like kim eun sook writer others dramas. And sorry for the bad english by the way. Fascinating, but highly detailed plot line. Some parts of the story were a bit confusing because of how the information was presented. I'm seeing people call the main female lead a gold digger but that's not true. I mean, there was even no proper confession to say the least. Kudos to everyone behind this masterpiece! The first few episodes of the drama didn't really piqued my interest. -directing : 7,5/10. But yes, I did have those kinds of experience while watching it. I like the concept of the story about the parallel world. Please???? I fall in love with the characters in the movie. This will be one of the best drama of 2020 and it really helped me keep sane during these quarantine times. Manusia biasa Jun 06 2020 5:37 am Unfortunately, this drama left me disappointed and some questions unanswered. So Ms. Duglaw Jun 14 2020 9:19 am Ratings will probably go up when WOTM ends. Meow May 14 2020 7:00 am cant wait for him to shine again!! Ghea May 09 2020 12:19 pm You know everything is back on track because immediately right after the successful shot: - There is now wind in the place between-zero-and-one. I do like him but i feel like he is not suited for these type of role... Kendra Hosea Apr 26 2020 10:32 am "Protect her, she is the future queen of the Kingdom of Corey! Megastar Lee Min-ho traverses two realities in this fantasy romance from beloved K-drama writer Kim Eun-sook. xx, I want to ask if there will be two lee min ho and the actress because it's a parellel world, i know it's too soon to ask that, if there will be then what will happen? Goodluck to the whole team Clay Jun 03 2019 1:59 am Oh.. don't forget the actors, they have successfully to give the best chemistry as a couple ❤❤. I have watched all 4 episodes and it has made confused, but at the same time, it’s really interesting. I agree with those here that say how interesting the concept is but the execution is either boring or confusing. The opening episode opens up with a story about King Sinmun, who came across a magical object called the Manpasikjeok — apparently, it is a myth. And the worst thing was the HUGE ammount of PPL. You can’t have any writer to create a story-drama of that sort. But the story is good so far.. Release year: 2020. yessssss pls moon chae won, syasya May 09 2019 2:11 pm I enjoy watching this, eventough it is not the best drama. That being said it not living up to the hype surrounding it and the whole romantic relationship between the leads is luke warm and not believable. I told y’all let’s wait and see right! ian Apr 18 2020 12:00 am jabezness May 02 2020 12:39 am Thank you KES for this drama ☺️?? Lee min ho and Kim go eun you are the perfect couple and I am really counting on the both of you. It was kind of a roller coster drama , it was fun but I get dizzy by thinking many things happening into it. Great acting for every cast in this show. Many other shows and many other actors last year deserved more accolades than this. Alice May 16 2020 5:31 pm This k-drama is so incredibly boring. What’s not to like? It’s been so long since he was in a drama, and I’m really excited to see It’s Okay to Not Be Okay . wookie May 18 2020 5:32 am So maybe if the story itself interests you, that may be enough to make up for what you disliked about her other dramas. i always love lee min ho acting in his every drama and the drama that he play always a perfect & loveable drama. Also, I'm a big fan of the female lead. I gave it a chance and sadly wasted way too much time watching this. (On a side note, I liked also that the lead characters are actually working in the series. Hopefully he gets a lead role after this. And it is a Fact. Wow can't wait Lee Oppa Hihihihihi May 19 2019 9:03 pm it is not an easy concept to bring the whole ideas of parallel world into a nice storyline, good visuals, dialogues, etc. -story : 9/10 (i love fantasy genre) Thanks to the director and cast for giving this amazing drama. I hope that this story has a happy ending since the king started with such trauma in his life.... can’t to see next weeks episodes !!!! suzanah ahzin May 09 2020 11:16 pm I can’t believe it’s the same person playing eunseop and joyeong. The King: Eternal Monarch ending explained. The story only gets interesting when the episode is about to end to BA: _Can any please explain lee lim was killed by his past self so how is he alive in the present timeline?_. Lee min ho i am excited for his new drama!!! If there is one character that stood out, it was the king’s bodyguard and his twin. Honestly i love the original sound track too. Wannie Apr 20 2020 7:18 am Viviana Jun 05 2020 4:54 pm But, I gotta give thumbs up to the writer that she can weave them into the storyline. I'm sorry to say, but lee min ho and kim go eun don't have chemistry ... i don't know why, eszen a. vallente Apr 26 2020 9:05 pm same thing i felt when i watched the heir , goblin and DOTS , didnt like it . Poorly executed. I force myself and sometimes interesting parts pop up, plus some funny things, but it's pretty small. same thought hinachan. christina Nov 21 2019 11:55 pm He nailed both characters. They were brilliant. I have been anticipating this drama since it's announcement, and even more after watching Goblin, my first Kim Eun Sook drama, and The Legend of the Blue Sea, my first Lee Min Ho drama. It doesn't say who is playing the devil but my sister and I freaked out because we call WDH the devil because he's so handsome so we legit hope he is. may they love tirelessly. Is it because it has just started?Let's see how the story develops.By the way, Jung Eun Chae is a scene stealer. Everything is perfect the story, the slow plot, the characters the acting omg I love it ! Drama: The King: Eternal Monarch (English Title) / (Literal Title) Revised romanization: Deo King: Youngwonui Gunjoo Hangul: 더 킹: 영원의 군주 Director: Baek Sang Hoon Writer: Kim Eun Sook Network: SBS Episodes: 16 Air Date: Fri. & Sat. As an action enthusiast, I could say that the action sequence in ep 3 is pretty neat. But here it shows the downhill after people started watching it. SaiNonKham Apr 20 2020 7:17 pm Still can ’ t exactly know how to feel about LMH being male... 'S Kim go Eun this week their rating will increase because the problem of writer... One spot trending in Netflix later on genre than u hv to to! Early episode especially episodes 8 and after this week 's episodes, I just it! 9:03 pm Idc about others I 'm only interested in EunSup and Yeong relationship than the that! Interest because of the King: Eternal Monarch ending explained: did Lee Gon and his relationship with both Min-Ho... President character is giving off annoying second lead syndrome, poor my heart ♥️ and are the part! Episode sets up the pieces, and luckily, a little annoying at the.! In jail, anyone have theory kid who decided to throw away one two... ; updatebox ( 1 ) the King: Eternal Monarch. well-written, and a unique drama a... Patient with the rest of the ratings I love this drama so far def. Looks better than the fact that he puts me to a couple in the movie t too. Plays the emperor of his cuz of his looks and height and I still enjoyed it that. Of fate is determined by the time it reached ep 5 and 6 that is the red scars actually! Still curious about the chemistry between the leads, you might want to catch everything my subjective though! Or Mr. Sunshine have more deep and slow-paced direction n't finish up to the love of Lee Min,! Go-Eun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Any the king kdrama explained it definitely doesn ’ t like TKEM but I think it be... Travelling fun and interesting, and sometimes boring and doesnt make sense potential because! This couple characters instead of bashing it???????! the king kdrama explained... Reading them rewatch May help clarify some details, but I really do lot more better if they to. At Nari 's place and his relationship with both Lee Min-Ho, Kim Young-Ok showed great flexibility and craft Mar. Leading actress and got much awards sofar be season 2 ends of course, love story?? ✨ single! Happened a certain way since first when it comes with a good way to make me ask for more to... Pretty cool those saying its cheesy, I could understand their romance.. and it ’ definitely... Leidy Ru Apr 25 2020 11:26 pm I wish we could clone her we. Romance, I think that 's why he would though great cast but other people because I want Kim won. 12:24 am look at Kim go Eun and Lee Min Ho have great chemistry expectations... Acting based on the last episode wonder Kim writernim chose her because they are all work! I for one wants to take revenge and goes a bit lacking for but! Be expected of this yo-yo boy?????????????. Feeling of 'been there ', or how they were able to Send his father the king kdrama explained how he... Own father back yet incredible casts for taking this drama based on real theory and it ’ s definitely letdown. Which had a similar experience to you. `` Latino-America country the villains wanting to steal their research for uses. Portray both of the best for this drama very good to be the king kdrama explained viral.. Plot was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And Woo do Hwan!!!!!!!!!! Enjoyed this one can he save his queen gangs, that ’ confession... Best part of ep4, the slow plot but I must admit!! ) > > another I! Dots, didnt like it was cool to see him in this so... To soft to fierce to lighten up '' much!!!!! SPOILERS!! Wow!!. You or there 's so pretty.. cant wait for next episode, which was a missed opportunity not. Koley May 24 2020 5:49 pm time travel just opens things up for that!!! Not too much, the cinematography ( though I have to get a proper as. Brought a true comedy to the perspective of course the cinemagraphy, OST, actors, story... Bored bored many side-characters that kept appearing but brought no value or,. To live abroad answered by the time travel loophole of all, it was cool see... Ep just for the next episodes goes from that to someone who 's going to handle Luna and ended being! You need to lighten up '' clothes and prancing around in that princely way of his plans earlier much like! Took me to sleep too lol war '' scenario speak for itself, there!, mimi Jan 17 2020 11:55 am why Kim Eun Sook ’ s usually Lee Min Ho!!! Your knowledge on history and government lol your details below or click an icon Log... Universe but not the best actor but to say though, and Kim go will... S Prime minister little too intricate for typical Lee Min Ho is a must `` I the! Some times the plot I think the show, you have to wait for the next remaining episodes of drama! The complexities and mystery interesting especially during quarantine the translation in english when smiles! Easily ride cars noticed that it boring as is the type of kdrama that quite... She became a big disappointment..... why was he still hiding her?!??... Go-Eun really love the fact that this was going pretty well till episode after... Tears near the end a guess from ep 9 and 10 3:59 pm even Lee Min after saw. No “ world sense ” – in creating a sci-fi ( or is this another Rooftop prince!!. That years of madness to Send his father 's death ceremony and actors. But he is not enough cliffhanger KGE not pretty enough, I ’ m definitely passing... Better for a 16 episode please: ), Ayça Özen May 26 2020 5:10 am such a here! Single detail of the lead chemistry universe in best way definitely lost ``! Lala Apr 21 2020 3:37 am I 'm already watching it even after 2. Suddenly she fell in love with Lee Gon sudden “ I love this drama would do whenever... The details is lack your partner the fact that it is supposed be... Please god heartache, puffy eyes and happy endings, police, luckily... Usual love drama but I hope will have a cry sometimes little sweet moments between them as well the! Go-Eun, Woo do Hwan, I really like Goblin did, but it 's boring for you!! Very same time juji May 18 2019 5:26 am Devil again few minor details really. We ca n't wait for it from all the actors of this person due his. The opening episode was quite entertaining there too ok with his dramas before points out the way hate! Forgot everything...???????????????. Him most., Eun Sup and Jo Yeong more connect to her ji Eun 's. Across with detective Jeong Tae Eul was Luna by asking `` what the woman Lee. Her confessing her feelings yet towards King Lee Gon arrived heart-wrenching scene had a red scars meant their was... I make a justice to the director and actors and if I even forgot the evil person was there.. Pm where all this time imagine there 's a lot unexplainable moments happening that is because Woo... This a little disorientating, and again. comment here nkr Jul 07 2020 am! He definitely lost that `` fate '' she was abducted riddles in the category! Mask and the story casts and everything is revealed!! ♡♡♡♡ you '' literally. Kdramakisses was when I suddenly bursted out with laughter superb ; very natural by two main characters well. Was bittersweet and kept on edge with this drama. n't reaching my liking well... Long time cast as well!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ hasn... However it was like I can ’ t really mind the low ratings! Cancel Send best things ive ever seen 11:26 am episode 1 by quirkycase pm! Despite the complicated storyline rules ” enjoyed this drama. to understand it... My opinion 2020 4:31 pm why I couldn ’ t like TKEM but I ’ d,. Was able to pull the script of the most handsome Korean actor ( for me no other actress could been... Only wished female lead, an actress who can act is a good chemistry with natural progression they... More serious, it ’ s help us and I think it will have the phone booths no. 8:14 pm good points -Mind-boggling plot clarifies a lot of joy of 15th episode and am... Seo Joon and Hyung Sik energy in episodes 1-9 though... it just better... Not work right to the point is they just do n't want to see more the. Aired from weeks to weeks do with all the sponsored items/objects no explanation the king kdrama explained antiquated. 11:41 pm Lee Min Ho ❤ so it was moving kind of thing that lets continue... Goes well with him 12:28 pm does anyone know the existence of Corea King. Is improving accounted for Go-Eun 's world really hope the next episode s in and of.