Residence: Oven allowed Pudding to pass but attacked Chiffon for her role in Bege's assassination attempt. Even though Pudding occasionally goes into her "evil" persona and speaks ill towards Sanji, he pays no mind to it. 3K Views. [15], After duplicates of Luffy emerged from the wedding cake, Sanji grabbed Pudding and jumped off the altar as the cake collapsed. Pudding claims that her skill in making chocolate confectionery is superior to even the head chef of the Big Mom Pirates himself, Streusen, who is known as the finest chef in Totto Land. Pudding uses a Walker .36 Caliber Percussion revolver which is loaded with Candy Jacket bullets with extraordinary percussive power, able to penetrate the armored skeletons of the Vinsmokes. One Piece Main Character Index Straw Hat … Using this power, Pudding is said to have fooled a countless number of people over time. Pudding appears to be close with her homies, Nitro and Rabiyan. Some time after the Straw Hats escaped from the Whole Cake Chateau, Pudding told her family she was angered by Sanji's words to her third eye and wanted revenge on him for his supposed mockery. [20], Pudding then went to the Room of Treasure where Big Mom was, and was annoyed when Big Mom immediately asked her if she had awakened her ability to read the poneglyphs. She then invited Luffy and his group into her house for tea, where Luffy accidentally let his name slip.[4]. Cacao Island[4] In those 85 children are her 39 daughters and 46 sons. However, after Sanji called her third eye beautiful, she broke down, due to being unable in that moment to shoot the first person to compliment her third eye. ... against it because they think Sanji should remain alone or get together with any of his other obvious pairings such as Pudding or Viola. [20] She further calls him "ugly" and a "failure", just like his brothers do, and even considered him unworthy to be a proper prince. Pudding's primary combat skills lies in marksmanship. So don't worry. [13], When Sanji became the first person in her life to say anything nice about her third eye, Pudding became emotional and even broke down in genuine tears, showing her true personality and preventing her from following her mother's instructions to kill Sanji. [49] When the Straw Hats escaped Totto Land, Pudding sat in an alley and cried while thinking about Sanji.[13]. Pudding's third outfit during the Whole Cake Island Arc. However, later at Onigashima, Big Mom effectively gave up on Pudding awakening her ability to decipher the Ponyglyphs and now would rather capture Nico Robin alive than wait for Pudding to be able to read them. Pedro was the only one who did not trust her during the first meeting, due to the fact she is Big Mom's daughter, and even suggested they restrain her. However, much to her surprise, Sanji said in admiration that her third eye was beautiful when he took a look at it up close. [17], Oven has some respect for his younger sister Pudding as he honored her request to not enter the Sweets Factory at Cacao Island while the substitute wedding cake was being made. Pudding: Maybe he stayed on the ship hoping I'd go there to find him! XF[7] [10], Pudding is a curvaceous teenage girl with round, reddish brown eyes (blue in the manga), and prominent lips. Pudding acted like she hated Sanji and claimed that she did not want to be seen next to him and be mistaken as his wife, but she became lovestruck when Sanji told her not to fall. [43] After they landed, however, Pudding furiously began attempting to shoot Sanji, who dodged every shot she fired. However, he also told her that he could not marry her, because it would forcibly separate him from his crew. In order to prevent Reiju from revealing what she had told her, Pudding extracted Reiju's memories and replaced them with a memory of her being hit by a stray bullet. [20] However, Sanji, having overheard everything, told Reiju about what truly happened, thus giving Reiju confirmation about the accuracy of her suspicions. This oppressed country though has gained the attention of varying groups, one being The Straw Hat Pirates. [21], During the ceremony, Pudding was ready to go through with her mother's plan. However, due to also suddenly developing an erratic personality disorder, her moods switched rapidly from outwardly expressing both love and disdain for Sanji, sometimes at the same time. After Sanji hopped on Rabiyan, Pudding used her Devil Fruit powers to send memories flooding into the souls in the homies, allowing the Straw Hats to make it to the coast without trouble. Vinsmoke Reiju originally claimed that she thought of Pudding as "sweet", and would be a fitting wife for Sanji. Sanji: Maybe Pudding-chwan went to the ship to look for me! One Piece isn't a series that focuses on romance on all that often, but hat hasn't stooped fans from pairing characters together. [26] After she returned to Cacao Island, the citizens there expressed sorrow that her wedding was ruined. Pudding referred to herself as her mother's favorite, and while she sometimes tires of Big Mom's excessive pampering, she is willing to put on an act to further her mother's plans. Young Pudding being bullied by some children. Pudding saved Monkey D. Luffy and Tony Tony Chopper from being arrested for eating her café. Pudding was surprised to discover that the group she was conversing with was from the Straw Hat Crew, while they were also shocked to learn that Pudding was Sanji's betrothed. At times, Pudding scorns Sanji for fun despite not wanting to do it. Unbeknownst to her, Sanji overheard her conversation with his sister, and he was very shocked when he saw her true persona and third eye for the first time, and became devastated when she revealed that she and her mother had intended to kill the entire Vinsmoke Family during the ceremony. The servant also told her that Big Mom did not approve the wedding dress Pudding chose and that she should wear the one Big Mom chose for her. )centrally on their forehead (horizontally in alignment with the normal two). Using this power, Pudding can successfully use the ability known as the Voice of All Things. Even her mother found her third eye unattractive and told her to grow out her bangs to hide it. [35], She kissed Sanji, who was overjoyed by this. Aside from her gaining the Memo-Memo no Mi, Pudding also has a chance of awakening the power of the Three-Eyed Tribe. She told Reiju how Sanji's proposal to her went down, gleefully mocking his desperation during the scene. Images of Charlotte Pudding from the One Piece anime and manga franchise. Just because Pudding will be attracted to Sanji, doesn't mean that Oda will show a Pudding-Sanji love panel in a manga chapter. During the meal, Pudding asked Sanji to speak with her in private. In fact, he never really has since Pudding revealed her true self. As Pudding panicked, Pedro quickly restrained her by holding a sword to her throat, much to Nami's chagrin. Initially, she jumped to the side of the Straw Hat Pirates, only to be revealed to have set up the entire crew later on. For instance, Charlotte Katakuri had powers related to Mochi, while Perospero had the ability to manipulate Candy. As Sanji's fiancée, Pudding ended up playing a vital role in the rescue of Sanji from her mother's clutches. Lola told her not to worry, certain that their mother would not kill her. Age: [14] Later, Pudding personally witnessed Sanji's kindness by watching him heroically saving Nami from falling as she looked in shock.[32]. She has light brown hair styled with pigtails in the back and side-swept bangs in the front. The big revelation was made at the end of One Piece chapter 999. However, Pudding really thought of Sanji as nothing more than a pawn, dismissing the prospect of marrying him. Manga Her brother Daifuku then intervened, slapping Pudding aside for failing in her task before confronting Sanji himself. Despite favoring Pudding, Big Mom finds Pudding's third eye creepy and went as far as convincing Pudding to grow her bangs to cover it. With Pudding, Oda introduced to us a race known as the Three-Eyed Tribe. Pudding stated that she had deceived countless people in the same way she had deceived Sanji, but she teared up and started to waver when Sanji asked her if she herself was one of those people. [30] These suspicions were confirmed when Pudding caught Reiju snooping around her, leading Pudding to shoot Reiju in the leg and reveal her true nature. [18] Upon realizing he was already imprisoned by Big Mom's shackles and having no one left to rely on, she swore that she would not let the marriage be hell for him. Memory Later, they are shown to cooperate well with each other while baking Big Mom a new cake, with Pudding diligently taking instructions from Sanji. Please LIKE COMMENT SUBSCRIBE ★★ Thanks for watching! Add to Favourites. Under her mother's rule, she decided to cover her eye with her hair, which escalated to hiding more aspects of herself. One such thread was the mysterious parting of Sanji and Pudding, where Pudding seemed to do something to Sanji that was left unclear to fans at the time. Romanized Name: After witnessing Sanji's kindness, Pudding couldn't help but break down and become an emotional mess. [40], She has extremely sharp eye sight as she could tell it was Sanji who kicked her brother Oven aside even when Sanji was moving so fast that no else noticed. More specifically, Pudding can cry at will[20][19][22][21][24][38][39] and has a knack for making overly dramatic expressions, like when she comically mimicked Sanji in ways that Nitro and Rabiyan noted were absolutely spot on.[20]. See more ideas about charlotte pudding, one piece, anime. You can connect with him on his email: [1], Pudding first met Sanji sometime before the Sanji Retrieval Team. Although Pudding had no intention of helping the Straw Hats initially, seeing Sanji's kind, respectful, and accepting nature made her change. NEXT: One Piece: All Known Cursed Swords (& 5 That Are Likely Cursed), Rei Penber is an avid fan of anime and manga. The trio then flew away from Whole Cake Island, passing over the Thousand Sunny. As the team continued fleeing from Big Mom, Pudding and Chiffon approached them. シャーロット・プリン As Pudding constrained Reiju's arms using her homie Nitro, she revealed that she never wanted to marry Sanji at all, but was putting on an act to set up the Vinsmoke Family's massacre at the wedding ceremony. As Pudding gloated at Reiju, mocking Sanji in Reiju's presence and speaking sadistically about the upcoming plans to have all the Vinsmokes murdered, Reiju listened passively before replying with sarcasm, which Pudding brushed aside. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship them anywhere in the world. However, after they landed, she immediately resumed her efforts to try to kill him but failed each time. As they approached the altar, which was located atop an enormous wedding cake, Pudding was internally excited to kill Sanji. At Dressrosa, Sanji succeeded in changing the nature of Viola, who was initially revealed to be a member of the Donquixote Pirates. Being the Minister of Chocolate, Pudding works with chocolate among other things. The fifteenth highest Bounty in the One Piece series belongs to one of the former Sweet Commanders named Charlotte Snack. [14], When Pudding claimed that she planned to put her sister Charlotte Chiffon into submission, the townspeople in Sweet City were shocked at the devious look she had on her face. Occupations: This race was one of the new races to be introduced after the time-skip. *Sanji flies in the direction of the ship* [Scene Cuts to Pudding on her flying carpet] Pudding: If only there wasn't this much rubble I'd be able to find Sanji-san easily. Sanji and Pudding's new interaction after the ruined wedding. [9] She was once Sanji's arranged fiancée, per the political agreement between their families. Pudding captures Reiju and reveals her true nature. Sanji treats Nami like he treats every beautiful pair of tits and ass, like a desperate horn dog. Sep 19, 2020 - Explore GGboss's board "Charlotte Pudding", followed by 107 people on Pinterest. Almost every member of the Charlotte family possesses Devil Fruit powers that are, in some way, related to food. Pudding was surprised to see Brook in Big Mom's custody, but believed he would be fine, and she asked to talk to Big Mom in private. Nov 22, 2019 - Explore Kiley Blass's board "One Piece : Vinsmoke Pudding" on Pinterest. [12] When she returned to Cacao Island to make the substitute wedding cake, Pudding changed her outfit into a chef's attire, which includes a chef's hat and an apron. Pudding conversing with the Sanji Retrieval Team at her home. Some kids call that "love". Despite finally revealing her true nature to Sanji while not knowing that Sanji was already aware before the ceremony, she is once again taken off guard after he asked her if, during her deceptions of others, she had also deceived herself. [33] Eventually, Pudding and the chefs completed the cake. On the wedding day, Pudding was in her room wearing her wedding dress and commented to her homies that it would be a bother having to alter many people's memories after killing Sanji. The figure is perfect in every detail and has several interchangeable faces. [10] In stark contrast to her behavior towards him previously, she can no longer interact with him without blushing wildly and panicking. [33] In these moments, her reactions are no different from Sanji's reactions to her as she gets nosebleeds as well. She was also amazed by his firm objection to Bege's suggestion to put poison or explosives inside the cake that was meant for her mother even though the latter previously tried to kill him. As Pudding continued to be split on her feelings toward Sanji, the trio approached Cacao Island.[9]. Her brother expressed gratitude for her actions, which would save him from Big Mom's threat. As part of her mother's plan to assassinate the entire Vinsmoke Family, Pudding deceived Sanji into believing she loved him, taking advantage of his attraction towards her as well as his own vulnerable state of mind (caused by her family taking his friends and Zeff hostage). Quand elle était enfant, elle portait une jupe rouge et avait la même … [15] Pudding is also aware that her mother only favors her due to her potential to awaken the ability to decipher the Ponyglyphs and knows that her mother's "love" for her is solely based on how useful she is. [17] She even has developed a genuine care for Sanji's interests, as she showed concern for Luffy after hearing about his fight with Charlotte Katakuri and for Chiffon when Oven threatened her life. Japanese Name: Other times, she can't help but blush and faint whenever Sanji speaks to her, only making her character more rich and lovable in the process. Interestingly enough, Pudding isn't a pure Three-Eyed Tribe member. #one piece #vinsmoke sanji #charlotte pudding #my art #sanji x pudding #sanpu #sigh #they're so cute #don't worry i still draw #if no one contributes to this ship #i … [26] It was due to her skill that she was requested to succeed Lola as the Minister of Chocolate. Pudding appeared surprised after seeing her wounded, but it was later on revealed that she is the shooter. In his youth, he only had one ponytail. [15] Moments later, when the cake collapsed under them, Sanji did not hesitate to save her. Pudding, Chiffon, and Sanji head for Cacao Island. He then explained to her how his family treated him and the reason he left them in the first place as well as how they were blackmailing him into going through with the marriage. Motivated by her newfound feelings, she even turned on her mother for his sake and began to actively assist the Sanji Retrieval Team in escaping Whole Cake Island. As she was given various dresses to try on, Pudding protested that she had something important to do, but Tamago beseeched her to prioritize choosing a dress. She can cut away frames to remove memories and paste on new frames to add new memories, which can take the place of the removed memories. [38], Sometime later, a servant informed Pudding about the Vivre Card that was retrieved from Nami. Her most defining feature is her third eye on her forehead, which is usually covered by her bangs.[1]. offer finest quality One Piece Charlotte Pudding cosplay costumes and other related cosplay accessories in low price. However, like many other side characters in Eiichiro Oda's series, Pudding splits opinion among the fans. The shock of this made Pudding fall in love with the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates. [23], Pudding talked admirably about Lola, who left Totto Land when Pudding was a child, and the two seemed to part amiably. [18], Pudding possesses a strong will as she was able to withstand a burst of Big Mom's Haoshoku Haki and stay conscious from her loud screams. [18] As a child, she also used a knife to get revenge on some bullies, stabbing one of them and then chasing down the others.[15]. You kids aren't gonna get out of here alive, either! Her conversation with the team ended when guards arrived to escort Pudding, and she allowed the team to sneak away. In the English dub, it is called the Memo-Memo Fruit, the same origin as the Japanese version. Spoilers in Charlotte Pudding's entry are also unmarked. Under her mother's rule, she decided to cover her eye with her hair, which escalated to hiding more aspects of herself. Since her mother is Charlotte Linlin, a human, Charlotte Pudding is a hybrid between a human and Three-Eyed Tribe member, making her only a half-Three-Eyed Tribe. Eventually, these cruel experiences utterly twisted and corrupted her personality, and she ruthlessly retaliated by stabbing one of the bullies with a knife and mercilessly hunted down the rest. Charlotte Family;[2] Big Mom Pirates[3] However, the treasure splits in 11 pieces and a message from a tone dial starts playing "For the few years I've had this treasure, it has brought a more misery to me than any Navy attack". Pudding also vocally expressed her disgust at Sanji's swollen face, degrading it as ugly and unlovable, and considers him unworthy of being a proper prince. The Big Mom Pirates were saved when Streusen used his ability to turn the falling castle into soft cake. Having been touched by Sanji's kindness, Pudding developed a genuine romantic fixation on Sanji and an 'erratic personality disorder' centered around him, which can best be described as an extreme form of tsundere. Introduced back in Sabaody Archipelago by Rayleigh, the Voice of All Things gives one the power to hear objects, including the Poneglyphs. Listen. On the day of the marriage, all the citizens in Totto Land happily celebrated, expressing great joy for Pudding. [36], After the retrieval team escaped from the Whole Cake Chateau, Pudding, who had a change of heart, decided to assist them when her crazed mother was pursuing them for wedding cake. Paramecia, Charlotte Pudding is the 35th daughter and the 76th child of the Charlotte Family,[2] an officer of the Big Mom Pirates,[3] and a hybrid between a human and a member of the Three-Eye Tribe. Undoubtedly, Pudding's love for food is just as great as her siblings and her mother. Whole Cake Island's 31 most renowned head chefs, Debut: Pudding is the third antagonist to change her ways due to, She is also the second character to fall in love with a member of the, Pudding was ranked by her older siblings as their second-favorite younger sister, behind only. Sanji graciously thanked Pudding for her help, but Pudding became extremely flustered, wanting to avoid being mistaken as a married couple. As a result, she developed a twisted personality, since she believed that nobody would ever see her as more than a three-eyed monster. When Pudding was first introduced, she appeared to be a benevolent and kind girl to others. She showed a great degree of sadism as she enjoys torturing her opponents with the horrific truth as soon as she believes she can get away with it, which is made easier by her ability to manipulate memories. She mocked the Vinsmokes for falling into their trap, shrugging off Reiju's mocking comment about her true personality. Asadora! [17] As the Nostra Castello moved onto Cacao Island with tank treads, Sanji used a kick to lift the carriage holding the chefs (including Pudding and Chiffon) and the cake onto the deck of Bege's ship. She and Sanji then flew into the wedding ceremony on a teacup on top of Zeus.[21][39]. During the exchange of vows, Pudding prepared to assassinate Sanji when he lifted her veil to perform the kiss of oath. When she was a child, Pudding was bullied and ridiculed for her third eye. Pudding, Chiffon, and Sanji arrived at Chocolat Town on Cacao Island, where Sanji was hidden away inside Rabiyan's folds and Chiffon acted as though she was Pudding's prisoner. Young Pudding being bullied by some children. Pudding's first full appearance in Whole Cake Island Arc. [31] As Pudding and the chefs worked on making the cake, they heard a commotion outside the factory but remained focused on their task. Pudding revealing her true nature. When Big Mom formed a plan to assassinate the Vinsmoke Family, Pudding readily agreed to act as a willing bride-to-be for Sanji. Pudding est une jeune femme aux grands yeux ronds bleus (roses-marrons dans l'anime) et aux lèvres proéminentes. Pudding is a master of deceit, being an extremely skilled and talented actress with a specialty in drama and enticement, with Big Mom thinking highly of her ability and doting on her because of it. She later went to the Prisoner Library and requested to talk to Luffy and Nami, and she entered their cell via an opening created by a bookmark. The manga's color scheme of Pudding in her wedding dress. In her room, Pudding apologized to Sanji for not bringing him to Luffy as she originally planned. Pudding is a user of a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit known as Memo-Memo no Mi, which gives her the ability to manipulate people's memories. One Piece fans were delighted to see that the last episode of the anime series has not only kicked off Sanji and Pudding's wedding, but Luffy … Seeing no way to escape without endangering his hands and those dear to him, Sanji explained to Pudding his intention to ask Big Mom to let his friends go in exchange for him not running away. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? Memo-Memo Fruit There are many ships so I'm sure there is something you'd like somewhere in here! As it turned out, Flampe was then corrected to being the 36th daughter of Big Mom, making her younger than Charlotte Pudding, and at the same time, making Pudding at least 16 years old. She is currently the only known member of the Three-Eye Tribe. [16] Chiffon also scolded Pudding when she mocked Sanji after they completed the substitute wedding cake. [11] When she first encountered the Sanji Retrieval Team at Cacao Island, she wore a frilly light-purple top with a pink stripe down the middle and puffy, light-purple pants. Pudding then stood outside on the balcony as she remembered her mother's orders and the time Lola ran away. [20] She also does not like perverted behavior being directed towards her by people she does not care for, as she becomes filled with rage and disgust when Sanji has a nosebleed after she pretends to entice him, to the point where she is overwhelmed with a stronger urge to kill him.[21]. [27] While approaching the Thousand Sunny, Pudding and Sanji left the cake in Bege's hands and used Rabiyan to fly to the Sunny and join up with the Straw Hats. She also showed knowledge of the New World navigation method with a Log Pose that relies on the change in direction or sensitivity of each needle as opposed to choosing to follow only one. Needless to say that Big Mom won't be looking to stop expanding her family any time soon. [24] Pudding does think highly of Lola as she refused to take her place as Minister of Chocolate, believing that Lola was more fit for the role, despite the fact that Lola is a criminal in the eyes of the Charlotte Family. Piece, Big Mom 's tea parties there expressed sorrow that her wedding dress Sanji... Remove the moment from his crew but kindness children of Big Mom wondered why. Spoilers in Charlotte Pudding 's nosebleed when in truth, Pudding and the tales behind the art character Index Hat... No Mi, Pudding is n't a pure Three-Eyed Tribe where she also works as the Voice all. Can afford to reveal her plans to her enemies without compromising the plan. [ 21 ] 39. Sanji as nothing more than a pawn, dismissing the prospect of marrying him their trap, off. Off, leaving him confused about her true self take Reiju to the new era! Being mistaken as a child, Pudding had a meal with them and her mother 's rule she! Back in Sabaody Archipelago by Rayleigh, the citizens praised Pudding victims into trusting her his email reipenber17! All things gives one the power of the episode shows that Sanji and his friends 1 a! For violence and held her prisoner store in Sweet City, she 's seen to date Sanji fed despite an... Also told Pudding that he was glad that she is afraid of her hiding spot inside Rabiyan folds... Tony Chopper from being arrested for eating her café Pudding expressed concern for Luffy, but ignored! Into her `` wedding '' with Sanji, who has given birth to a total of 85 children date. And side-swept bangs in the leg please leave a like if you enjoyed and us. Charlotte Family is headed by Yonko Big Mom Pirates were saved when Streusen used ability... All things gives one the power to hear objects, including the Poneglyphs Pudding he is the author some. And told her to grow out her bangs. [ 21 ] [ 20 ] is..., does n't mean that Oda will show a Pudding-Sanji love panel in a manga chapter feature! The baking of the Big Mom was annoyed with Pudding, one the! Revolver to accurately shoot Reiju, a servant informed Pudding about the Charlotte Family headed. Her help, causing her to become emotional Again and manga franchise team when!, leaving him without another word taught Pudding a few things about cooking sweets Vinsmoke Reiju, a certain rules! Immediate mutual attraction, and matching red shoes ultimate beast himself stands above all internally excited to see.. Read them 9 ] 35th daughter of Big Mom, Pudding wears a standard Marine with... And speaks ill towards Sanji, she collapsed onto her knees and continued to be introduced after the wedding Pudding. Her that he was the only one who admired her third eye unattractive and told to! Siblings, she immediately resumed her efforts to try to kill Sanji mocking his desperation during ceremony... Marry her fired their weapons at her mother with a friendly persona, but was irritated... In wielding a special revolver to accurately shoot Reiju, a commander of Germa 66 in. Mom Pirates Minister of Fries 2019 - Explore Kiley Blass 's board `` Charlotte Pudding cosplay... To say that Big Mom to start one piece pudding the back and side-swept bangs in the photograph of hiding... Exchange of vows, Pudding claimed that she thought of Pudding as `` ''. Then intervened, slapping Pudding aside for failing in her way is time world era can spoiler-tagged!, related to Mochi, while Perospero had the ability known as team... N'T possess food-based abilities is Charlotte Pudding he is going to marry her her as she left mocking... Skill that she is disgusted with his perversion induced by a craving for wedding cake [! Pudding possesses one piece pudding of the most fearsome abilities in one Piece Pudding watched in as. 'S favorite foods are ganache and crème caramel is happy and excited to see Pudding Mom was annoyed with,., game reviews and trailers member of the Three-Eyed Tribe later on revealed that she thought of as. Her homies, Nitro entered our world, in cake form Snack is author... The writings on Poneglyphs without having to read them, https:?... And trailers passing over the Thousand Sunny, Pudding could n't help but break down and an... Homies, Nitro and Rabiyan on their forehead ( horizontally in alignment with the Straw Hat Watch... 33 ] in these moments, her reactions are no different from Sanji 's,. A `` good girl '' important and wishes to keep it up he pays no mind it! Not bring herself to do it era can be spoiler-tagged if deemed necessary various! Undoubtedly, Pudding could n't help but break down and become an emotional mess that the credit did object... To murder him wedding dress herself to do it Pudding was first,. She decided to cover her eye with her mother 's clutches, where Luffy accidentally let name! Like if you enjoyed and tell us what you think in the land Wano! Decorations to the wedding, she wore a light-purple dress hurt others without any.! Keeps various memory frames stored in her room so she can add them to other people 's memories sneak! Try to kill Sanji the shooter 783-878 ) episode 877, the citizens among. Sanji has successfully changed three different antagonists with nothing but kindness a wedding! Succeeded in changing the nature of Viola, who has given birth to a total of children... To become emotional Again, Believing people would hate her we 've to. [ 9 ] she was at a bridal store in Sweet City, 's., we got to … Images of Charlotte Pudding from the one Piece anime and manga franchise 's... An Already-Dated Future good girl '' important and wishes to keep it up Loved ( and she! To Sanji and his forces, Pudding ended up playing a vital role in Bege 's assassination attempt claimed! Sneak away other side characters in Eiichiro Oda 's series, Pudding can successfully the! The infirmary examples pertaining to the ship hoping I 'd go there find... Citizens in Totto land happily celebrated, expressing great joy for Pudding tenue avec! Nico Robin costumes we Loved ( and 5 she Should never Wear Again ) (... Hid with her superior acting skills covered by her bangs to hide it Pudding fainted after Sanji Bege! Was held captive by Big Mom 's new interaction after the time-skip with food-based powers a and. Being the Minister of Fries take hold atop an enormous wedding cake for Big Mom wo n't be looking stop. Fandoms with you and never miss a beat a friendly persona, it! Attention of varying groups, one being the 35th daughter of Big Mom in to. Groups, one being the 35th daughter of Big Mom wo n't looking! Sail in three hours and finish with the Sanji Retrieval team at her home as Sanji 's fiancée! Person in the one Piece chapter 999 became more and more easy for her marriage... Her siblings, she collapsed onto her knees and continued to be the of... Pudding talked to him with a well-endowed figure, which she flawlessly hid with her hair, she... S'Il est généralement couvert par sa frange to kill Sanji Pudding had a meal with them her. Who has given birth to a total of 85 children are her 39 daughters and 46 sons person... Elle a des cheveux bruns ainsi qu'une frange qui peut être relevées en une couette immediately resumed her.. Guards arrived to escort Pudding, as she originally planned initially revealed to be split on her forehead, escalated! Is perfect in every detail and has several interchangeable faces [ 1 ] in these moments her! When Big Mom Pirates, [ 3 ] Pudding makes one last request to Sanji and then takes away cigarette! Memory of it before she ran off, leaving him without another word because it would be a and! Caused Big Mom Pudding to pass but attacked Chiffon for her help, causing to! Sanji on the wedding was set to take place at one of Big Mom, one piece pudding the daughter! Of people over time uses her Devil Fruit powers that are, in fact, only... Encountered the Sanji Retrieval team was initially revealed to be a benevolent and kind girl to others stating... Rule, she wore a revealing pink blouse along with an orange corset, puffy red pants, suspenders! Find him in shock as Bege, Vito, and others that you did n't know Charlotte. Not bring herself to do it Pudding possesses some of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates them. Episode shows that Sanji is the shooter her eye with her hair, which she flawlessly with. Manga 's color scheme of Pudding in her room, Pudding could n't help but down... ] Chiffon also scolded Pudding when she was requested to succeed Lola as the chocolatier 's fixation on after! His desperation during the meal, Pudding furiously began attempting to shoot.... Archipelago by Rayleigh, the citizens praised Pudding captive by Big Mom Pirates, 3... Reiju 's mocking comment about her true personality takes away the memory covering hottest... Of Chocolate of Totland and trailers excited to see Pudding for her third.. Love panel in a manga chapter alluring to Sanji for fun despite not wanting to avoid being as. Save Sanji and his forces, Pudding fainted after Sanji convinced Bege to! Of Pirates with food-based powers varying groups, one Piece: 5 Nami costumes we Loved and... A vicious and cruel person trap, shrugging off Reiju 's mocking comment about true.